General conditions of sale

The selling of the bottles containing the wine named “f” produced by the Company Gualdo del Re of Nico Rossi and Maria Teresa Cabello s.s. on our website (“”) is regulated by these General conditions of sale.

All products purchased on are sold directly by the Company Gualdo del Re of Nico Rossi and Maria Teresa Cabello s.s. (hereinafter indicated as “Gualdo del Re”), with registered office in Italia, Località Notri, 77 – 57028 Suvereto (LI), Tax Number and VAT Number 01029100490.

For any further legal information, please visit the sections: Privacy Policy and General conditions of sale.

For any further request, please contact directly Gualdo del Re via e-mail to or by phone at +39 0565827328.


1 general provisions

1.1 These general provisions of the contract (hereinafter indicated as “General Conditions”) regulate the relationships between customers and the Company Gualdo del Re of Nico Rossi and Maria Teresa Cabello s.s., with registered office in Italia, Località Notri, 77 – 57028 Suvereto (LI), Tax Number and VAT Number 01029100490, for the purchase and delivery of the products (“Products”) offered to the aforementioned Customers.

1.2. The General Conditions are published on the Website in a format that allows one to memorise, reproduce or print them. Any amendments to the General Conditions will enter into force from the date of publication on the Website and shall be valid for all sales and contracts made starting from the aforementioned date.

1.3 The contracts made between the Supplier and the Customers through the Website, are regulated by the Italian law and, more specifically, by Legislative Decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005 (Consumer Code), and by any law provision applicable from time to time to distance contracts.

1.4 Every Customer shall commit to respect the age limit and any other law provision regarding the purchase of wine, liquors or beverages containing alcohol into force in Italy or in their country. In case of violation, Gualdo del Re will have the right to immediately withdraw from the contract. The purchase of the Products is allowed exclusively to people of age and capable of action. Gualdo del Re is not responsible for any general purchase limitation or consumption of wine, liquor or beverages containing alcohol foreseen by the law into force in the Country of Origin of its foreign Customers (i.e. customers resident in countries different from Italy).

1.5. These general conditions are part and parcel of the Contract and regulate the offer, transmission, acceptance, shipment, purchase methods and right to withdrawal for the order of products made on the website or on the other available channels (i.e. phone, e-mail etc…).


2 Information about the products

The goods and services on sale are those described in the pages of our website in which the name of the product and its description indicate the basic characteristic of the good.

These data can be subject to further amendments regularly made to improve the services offered to consumers. Any difference will be immediately notified the moment in which the order is confirmed.


3 The contract of sale

3.1 In order to execute the contract for the purchase of one or more products present on, it is necessary to fill in the order form present on the website, indicating – if interested – the availability of the selected number to be engraved by hand on the bottle and paying the relevant confirmation deposit as indicated in the instructions. The order form contains a summary of the main commercial conditions, among which price, method of payment and delivery, as well as information regarding the main characteristics of the ordered product and the attached General Conditions of Sale.

3.2 For all orders made before 30 September 2018 – i.e. before the date of shipment of the Products – once the order form duly filled in has been received and the confirmation deposit of Euro 500.00 has been paid for each bottle the customer has ordered, he/she will automatically receive an e-mail of confirmation of his/her order.

3.3 Gualdo del Re- after having verified the data are correct and the confirmation deposit has been received – shall issue a “Certificate of Reservation” containing a summary of all data previously indicated in the order form and the confirmation of the selected number to be engraved on the bottle/s.

3.4. For all orders made after 30 September 2018 – the date in which direct selling without reservation will come into force – Customers can purchase the Products directly on the website and pay the entire price of the products they have ordered and request – if interested – the availability of the number to engraved by hand on the bottle

3.5 Once the contract has been done, Gualdo del Re will take charge of the purchase order.

3.6 For each purchase, before sending the purchase order, Gualdo del Re will ask to correct any possible mistakes in the inserted data, read carefully the General Conditions of Sale, print a copy of them and memorise or reproduce a copy for personal use.

3.7 The contract is in Italian. However, an English version is also available.

3.8 Gualdo del Re may refuse or not execute incomplete or incorrect purchase orders, orders of unavailable products or orders with no sufficient guarantees of solvency. This shall not lead to any contractual, extra-contractual or pre-contractual liability, i.e. it shall not give the Customer any right to be indemnified or reimbursed for direct or indirect damages. In these cases, Gualdo del Re shall inform the Customers via e-mail that the contract has not been executed and that Gualdo del Re has not implemented the purchase order, indicating the reasons and a possible solution.

3.9 If the goods are no longer available or on sale the moment in which the order form is sent, Gualdo del Re shall immediately communicate within max thirty (30) days from the day after the date in which the order has been sent the non-availability of the bottle of wine. If the Customer has already sent the order form and paid the deposit or the entire sum, Gualdo del Re shall reimburse him/her within 10 days from the communication of non-availability of the product.

3.10 By sending via e-mail the order form, the Customer declares to accept unconditionally the General Conditions of Sale and commits himself/herself to follow them in all his/her relationships with Gualdo del Re. If the Customer does not agree or does not accept also in part the terms indicated in the General Conditions of Sale, we kindly invite you not to send the order form for the purchase of products sold on

3.11 By sending to Gualdo del Re the order form, the Customer confirms he/she knows and accepts the General Conditions of Sale and the other information contained in the website, including any possible indications contained in links, the Privacy Policy and the General Conditions of Use.


4 Customer duties

Once the online procedure for the purchase has been made, Customers shall printout and store these general conditions that they have already seen and accepted as attached to the purchase form. It is strictly forbidden for purchasers to insert false and /or invented and/or fictitious data during the registration procedure required to activate the process for the execution of this contract and the relevant additional communications. All personal data and e-mail addresses shall contain real personal data and cannot contain data belonging to third parties or fictitious data. Double registrations or the insertion of data belonging to third parties is strictly forbidden. Gualdo del Re reserves the right to prosecute any violation or abuse in the interest and for the protection of all consumers.


5 Price

5.1 The prices of the Products are indicated in € (Euro) + VAT if foreseen.

5.2 The price indicated for the Products includes packaging costs, shipment costs and any further specific cost for a given country, import taxes, customs duties, excise or other similar costs.

5.3 Gualdo del Re regularly verifies all indicated prices are correct. However, this does guarantee there may not be mistakes. If a mistake is found in the price of a product, Gualdo del Re shall give the Customer the possibility to reconfirm the purchase of the Products at the correct price or cancel the purchase order.


6 Payments

6.1 The methods of payment of the wine present on our website are indicated in the order form.

6.2 The purchase price includes shipment costs duly calculated at the moment of the order and visible separately.

6.3 Our favourite method of payment are via Pay Pal, credit card or Bank Transfer. All financial data required for the transaction shall be sent via encrypted protocol to Pay Pal or other banks that supply distance electronic payment services without access to third parties. The data above shall be used by Gualdo del Re only to execute the procedures foreseen for the purchase of the products, to reimburse a Customer if the products are returned after exercising the right to withdrawal, to prevent frauds or inform the police about frauds made on


7 Shipment and delivery

7.1 The products will be delivered starting from 30 September 2018 following the order in which the reservations have been received.

7.2. At the moment of packaging, Customers – only and exclusively for orders made before 30 September 2018 – shall receive an e-mail indicating the shipment is “ready for delivery” and asking for the settlement of the payment.

7.3. After having verified the final payment has been made, Gualdo del Re shall send Customers an e-mail containing a link to connect in live streaming with the safety vault containing the bottles to follow live the hand-made engraving of the number indicated at the moment of reservation or order.

7.4. Customers shall receive a further e-mail indicating the date of shipment and relevant tracking number to monitor the state of the shipment.

7.5. For orders made after 30 September 2018 – date from which it will be possible to purchase the products directly without any reservation – Customers shall receive directly the communication indicated in paragraphs 7.3) and 7.4).

7.6. The shipment shall be made free of charge to the delivery address indicated in the Order. If the addressee is absent at delivery, a notice will be left and the Customer shall personally contact Gualdo del Re, the courier or carrier to agree on the delivery.

7.7. All Products include a Delivery Note or – if requested by the Customer – an Invoice indicating all Products shipped, as well as the Certificate of quality and authenticity of the wine and the certificate of guarantee of the cork.

7.8. Invoices must be requested when the Order is made, indicating the relevant VAT number. No invoice shall be issued after the Products have been shipped.

7.9. Shipment costs shall be paid by the Customer as indicated on the website during the purchase procedure. Customers shall pay using the method selected when they made the Order.


8 Right to reconsideration

8.1. For reservations made before 30 September 2018, Customers have the right to reconsideration within 20 days from receipt of the Certificate of Reservation. The right can be exercised by sending a registered letter with advice of receipt to: Gualdo del Re of Nico Rossi and Maria Teresa Cabello s.s. registered office in Italy, Località Notri, 77 – 57028 Suvereto (LI), Tax Number and VAT number 01029100490.

8.2. The confirmatory deposit shall be reimbursed as soon as possible within max 30 days from the date in which Gualdo del Re has received the communication regarding the Customer’s withdrawal made in compliance with the relevant provisions.

8.3. If the right to reconsideration is not made in compliance with the foreseen terms and conditions, Gualdo del Re has the right to withhold the deposit paid without resulting in any contractual, extra-contractual or pre-contractual liability or any right of the Customer to be indemnified or reimbursed for direct or indirect damages.


9 Damage/ breakage / non-compliance / Guarantee

9.1 Customers shall verify at delivery the presence of any damage/breakage and/or mistake in the Products by immediate communication made to the carrier and by refusing the delivery and informing Gualdo del Re about the damage via e-mail to within the day after the date of delivery.

9.2 Gualdo del Re shall replace the product or, if not possible, reimburse the amount paid within 30 days from receiving the communication regarding the faulty Product.

9.3 Products that have been found faulty and/or damaged after they have been opened shall be returned to Gualdo del Re at Customer expense within 10 days from delivery and, in any case, following agreement with the Customer for the collection made by the selected Courier.

9.4 All products must be returned intact, in unaltered conditions,  inclusive of and placed in their original packaging, or, in any case, in a packaging suitable for a safe shipment.

9.5 All products received in the warehouse shall be examined to assess any possible damages or tampering since the basic integrity of the returned goods is an essential condition to exercise the right to withdrawal

9.6 Once the products have been returned, Gualdo del Re shall make the controls required to establish the products comply with the terms and conditions indicated in this paragraph. If the controls have a positive outcome, Gualdo del Re shall send the Customer an e-mail confirming the acceptance of the returned products.

9.7 Gualdo del Re reserves the right to replace, at their own expense, any damaged or defective product or to reimburse customers as soon as possible and, in any case, within thirty (30) days from the date in which the controls on the compliance of the returned Products have been completed.


10 Cork

10.1.If the Customer thinks the wine contained in the bottle he/she has purchased has been altered by the cork, he/she shall immediately communicate this within two days from the opening of the product via registered letter with advice of receipt – anticipated via e-mail to  – sent to the following address:

Gualdo del Re di Nico Rossi e Maria Teresa Cabello s.s. registered office in Italy, Località Notri, 77 – 57028 Suvereto (LI), Tax number and VAT number 01029100490

10.2 The Customer shall immediately close the bottle and send back as soon as possible the product by handing it to the courier, closed using its original cork, in intact conditions, using the original packaging and in compliance with the terms and conditions previously agreed.

10.3. The cost for returning the product shall be paid by Gualdo del Re that is nevertheless not liable for any risk of loss and/or damage to the product during the return.

10.4 The Product and the cork will be analysed by the relevant producers to establish the alteration of the wine. If the reported defect is confirmed, Gualdo del Re shall – at their own unquestionable discretion – replace the product at their own expense or, if not available, reimburse the Customer of the amount paid as soon as possible and however within (30) days from the conclusion of the controls.

10.5 The Customer accepts the risk and is aware that in case of Product replacement, the number requested at the moment of the order may no longer be available or may no longer be freely chosen.

10.6 The request for replacement and/or reimbursement shall not be accepted without the original cork or wine in the bottle or without the packaging containing the bottle.


11 Privacy

11.1 All Customers personal data communicated for this contract and regulated by these General Conditions shall be stored in Gualdo del Re’s archives using suitable safety measures in order to avoid acts aimed at their unlawful treatment.

11.2 Customers data shall be used exclusively within the scope and for the purposes foreseen in the contractual relationship governed by these General Conditions and may also be disclosed to companies or third parties (including, by way of example, credit institutions, couriers, carriers, auditing companies , professional firms), who cooperate or carry out specific tasks on behalf of Gualdo del Re.

11.3 Customers data will also be managed by Gualdo del Re’s employees, consultants and collaborators, both internal and external. The rights foreseen by article 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, inclusive of further amendments, remain unaffected.

11.4 The controller for the treatment of the data is Gualdo del Re of Nico Rossi and Maria Teresa Cabello s.s.. The Responsible for the treatment of the data is Nico Rossi.


 12 Governing law and litigations

12.1 The General Conditions of Sale are regulated by the Italian law.

12.2  All Products indicated in this contract of sale are packaged and customised according to the Customer’s request and are the result of a product of specific and specially selected craftsmanship. Due to these characteristics and for their specific methods of reservation and sale, the Products have the requirements and the further conditions of exclusion (of the right of withdrawal) foreseen by article 59 of legislative decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005.

12.3 Any dispute regarding the application, execution, interpretation and violation of this Contract will be held exclusively before the Court of Rome.


13 Amendments

13.1 The General Conditions of Sale shall be regularly updated depending on the development of the business and the market or in compliance with possible changes in the law. All amendments/updates shall be regularly published on our website and will enter immediately into force from the moment of publication on