"Project "f": The creation of something beautiful"
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Project “f” is an idea that goes on with the wisdom of creating something special: a special wine, the most rewarded “Gualdo del Re” is Merlot in a bottle made by the famous Carlo Moretti’s glassworks in Murano and his art of glassblowing.

"The 2014 results were gold standards. In 2015 we concentrated the grape yield, increasing the quality by reducing the quantity. The result is surprising."
Nico Rossi, Gualdo del Re

Nico Rossi and “Gualdo del Re” are synonyms for outstanding Merlot wines. The area of the Val di Cornia offers perfect conditions for growing wine. Excellent soil and terrain as well as suitable climatic circumstances allow for best results. Due to a strict reduction of yields of the vineyard the quality of the grapes was increased following the rule of quality instead of quantity.

Rigorous care and love for the vineyard, due to a forty-year experience sprouted under the guidance of his grandfather first and then his father. This was the precious legacy that Nico Rossi put to good use at Gualdo del Re, his company, assisted by the professionalism of the enologist Barbara Tamburini who won the title of “Queen of Merlot”. For Gualdo del Re, with whom he has been collaborating for twenty years, his creativity, derived from an immense passion for vine and wine, has allowed her to give life to an excellent product obtained from the first-class grapes of the 2015 vintage.

"Our art is represented in countless museums all over the world. It makes me happy to apply our mastery and knowledge to this exceptional project."
Antonio Ceschel, MD Carlo Moretti

The piece of art that surrounds this valuable nectar is an artwork by the famous artisan glassblowing company of Carlo Moretti in Murano. The “soffiatori del ¬vetro” actually managed to blow new life into the classic Chianti “fiasco” with its straw basket, by quoting the shape only. One of the well-kept secrets of ¬Venetian glassblowing is the ¬combination of liquid glass in different colours and structures, all in one blow. Exceptionally beautiful but – due to an unusual strength of the glass – as resilient as machine made press-glass. This is necessary to guarantee stability when the cork is applied using 80 kg of pressure. An elongated bottle neck makes sure that the specially manufactured corks from Portugal keep the bottle airtight.

A label would but disturb this creation of artisanal art and crafts. Therefore, any lettering will be etched into the glass and only becomes visible after the exquisite content has found its purpose.
This “artefact” is a total work of art, that will come to life, as a painting, only for a short moment, that always lives in memory.
“f” is the perfect object of desire which will last eternally after the wine has left it. Not only as a beautiful exhibit, but also as a reminiscence of the grand fleeting of the moment when the valuable Wine was tasted.

Exclusive and limited

Limited to 2000 bottles only, “f” can be ordered online. The timeliness of the order will give you the right to choose your own favorite number that will be hand engraved on the bottle.

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